How it works

PopUpUp helps pop ups be discovered globally!

Pop up businesses, whether it be home restaurants, supper clubs, events, retail shops, outdoor cinemas or any other type of pop up event have been around since the 70s. They can pop up from just a few hours or for months and months. They can be small boutique home restaurant experiences to crowd events and experiences. We have created PopUpUp to help spread the word!

Are you a Pop Up?

So, as a pop up, you have established that great idea – possibly your long term dream – and it’s time to show the world what you have. So how to get it up and running?… Efficient, professional quality marketing, which is where PopUpUp comes in.

Free Listings

At PopUpUp, we are here to provide the essentials to pop up marketing. As a pop up member, you get your personal profile that allows you to register a listing for each one of your pop ups, with a description, gallery and connection to your essential social networks as well as exclusive access to The Pop Shop.

Every listing you create is added as an event and can be managed in your account. You can choose whether it recurs certain days during a week, once a week, once a month, however you wish! A listing will be created for every day that you have an event ensuring that people can find you by date!

Featured Listings

We offer the option of a paid featured listings to enable you to promote your pop up more prominently on the site. A featured listing has a big impact; ensuring that you appear on the PopUpUp home page on the day of your event, at the top of searches and listings before standard pop ups, PopUpUp will also prioritise to promote you on our own social media channels and you will receive a featured banner on your personal pop up profile listing landing page.

PrimeSpot Featured Listing – Landing Page

For those who wish to appear in our PrimeSpot at PopUpUp, you receive all options of the Featured Listing included and, in addition, you feature in PrimeSpot on our home page for a minimum of 24 hours. Part of that is we get in touch with you to create your own article about your pop up that will be permanently featured on our blog and shared across our own social media profiles to all of our followers. How do you get to PrimeSpot I hear you ask? You can either let PopUpUp send one of our reviewers to try your pop up service, goods or event at zero cost and we write the article for you or, you can provide your own article and pay PopUpUp an additional advertising fee. If you are interested in our PrimeSpot, please get in touch with us at


The Pop Shop is our community marketing marketplace with low cost products, and includes professional design from our own internal marketing agency. This includes:

  • Business Cards
  • Leaflets & Flyers
  • Vertical Table Talkers
  • Signage
  • Strut Cards
  • …we can even build you a bespoke website, exactly as you want at full design agency standard!

We can provide you with either a quick and easy CMS site, or a completely custom built OpenSource CMS build. We can chat with you about what you need, your budget and further advice. Simply send us an email at and we’ll be in touch!